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Данс нээлгэх


All right to manage your account will be given to following person and we will not responsible for any Account signatory's actions. Also we will not responsible for risks that Account signatory's changes if you didn't inform to us officially in advance.

Individual’s name:

A password must be 6 characters including one uppercase letter, one special character and alphanumeric characters

You have to send following documents to the Company's office within 14 days since this online registration and your account will be activated within 24 hours we have received the documents.

1. Company letter

2. Notarized copy of the State registration certificate

3. Notarized copy of the Company charter

4. Form includes following information: Signatory's name, position, notarized signature, stamp. Download a form from HERE.

5. Board or Shareholders' meeting decision that appointed the Accoint signatory

6. Notarized copy of the Account signatory's passport (2 copies)